Okay… First off… It’s just plain wrong seeing Jack in a typical London boozer. Furthermore, it’s even more wrong when Jack and Chloe actually refer to it as a pub. It just sounds weird. Bauer finds the poor sap who had his head blown off in the toilets on last week’s episode and gives chase to his murderer. After once again letting their only lead escape, Chloe drops a figurative bomb on the proceedings. It appears that her husband Morris and son Prescott were killed and it all seems to tie in with the fact that she was in the loop on Jack’s disappearance at the end of last season. 

The suits make preparations to hand Jack over to the Russians which is about as likely to happen as William Devane and Stephen Fry sealing their special relationship with an on screen smooch. Boudreau is so intent on making sure that Audrey and Jack’s paths never cross that he fakes Heller’s signature on the executive order, thus sealing his own fate later on in the show. I fear that this is all going to go down in a very similar way to what happened between Audrey’s last husband and Jack.

The big baddie’s daughter seems to have discovered a wormhole as she is miraculously teleported from Central London to a mansion in the middle of the countryside in order to have a nice chat with her mum while Jack and Chloe are sightseeing around the London Eye. The terrorists look to be planning on blowing up Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, The Houses of Parliament, Euston, Charing Cross and Liverpool Street stations. However, they hit a setback in their nefarious plans in that Yates used a non-standard bus on the hardware meaning at least an hour’s delay. Thank god for the reliability of London Buses to cause delays eh?

Back in the NerdCave, Bauer and Cross get embroiled in a gravelly voice and staring competition which seems to result in a bit of a stalemate. After a few witty barbs are traded between the two, Jack finally says the magic word and Team Nerd spring into action to get Jack access to Heller although Cross plans to get Jack into trouble when he tries to use the credentials.

Back with Kate, the threat of dropping Basher off at a thrash metal gig seems to be enough to make the London hard man spill his guts to the CIA and he gives them what little information he possesses rather than get dumped into the middle of a mosh pit.

The last couple of minutes see Prime Minister Fry finally getting some quality screen time and Heller feels the full force of a sternly shouted British word or two. Jack gets scuppered at the door to the embassy due to Cross’ meddlings and so starts a stampede in order to gain access. The episode ends a tad abruptly in my opinion, and once again with not a lot actually seeming to have happened. Hopefully the show will pick up pace a bit as next week brings the first third to a close, which is generally when 24 starts to kick into gear.