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2017 Fall TV Schedule

It’s our favourite time of year over at NerdVsWorld,  that wonderful time when all our favourite shows return and some likely new favourites begin their runs.  Here’s…

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Blindspot – Season 1 Episode 1

The premise for NBC’s new drama, Blindspot, seems on the surface to be a hybrid of ideas that falls somewhere between Memento and Prison Break. The series…

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Fear The Walking Dead: S01 E01

Okay Ladies and Gents, It’s the spin off we’ve all been waiting for… Well… It’s the spin off that I’ve been waiting for… Well… It’s the spin…

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Sons of the Harpy

We pick up exactly where the previous episode left us, with Ser Jorah bundling a captive Tyrion into a boat. Cut quickly to another boat. This one…

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High Sparrow

And so, the ‘Wax on, Wax off’ begins: Arya learns how to sweep a floor. Dear lord. Not another wedding. Hopefully it’s third time lucky for Margaery…

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Sense8 first look

If you’ve read Ferg’s recent review of Jupiter Ascending and know my personal feelings towards the Matrix Trilogy and Speed Racer, then you’ll know that the Wachowskis are…

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The House of Black and White

From what I’ve been led to believe, this is where Arya’s story starts to get very interesting. She arrives in Braavos full of hope in search of…

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