This week’s episode seemed again to be more filler than killer. Although there certainly was a fair amount of killing towards the end.

We begin with the coronation of King Tommen the ‘how long will this one last’ and at this point I’m finding the phrase ‘Long may he reign’ to be more of an earnest plea to the gods from the Lanister’s point of view rather than a celebration of their king. Margaery is still sniffing around and has a bit of a chat with Cersei about the forthcoming nuptuals and how much of a little prick Joffrey actually was. Athough I do think Margaery is pushing it a bit with her jibes about mother and sister. I fear she may well end up with a sword through the neck before long if this continues.

Daenerys finally hears about Joffrey’s demise through the jungle vine and briefly considers actually getting on with what she should be doing in terms of attacking Kings Landing before forgetting all about it and turns back to re-overthrowing the cities that she has already freed now that they have carelessly become re-enslaved. Once again the dragons are notable by their absence.

Sansa looks like she might actually get a bit of a break this week as she is re-united with some of her family in the Eyrie. This lasts for all of about five minutes until it turns out that her aunt is actually a complete barking hatstand and is basically going to lock her up until she marries her son. You can actually see all her hopes and dreams draining from her face as the realisation hits her. Well played. On Accent Watch this week, it seems that Littlefinger slips back into his more familir posh boy cadence the moment his feet hit dry land. Weird.

There’s a bit more about the Iron Bank so I’m even more convinced now that this is going to be a big plot point at some juncture. At this juncture I’m convinced it’s a wholly owned franchise of Gringotts and fully expect to see Warwick Davies turning up soon demanding his sickles and knuts.

Then we’re treated to some more of the Arya/Hound interplay that I’ve come to love so much. Arya really is kick ass these days, not only naming The Hound basically to his face as one of the people she wants to kill, but also full-on stabbing him at one point. I can see an episode coming soon where Arya basically goes mental and kills anyone in her path. That will be epic.

We arrive then at the key moment of the week as Jon and the Night’s Watch attack Craster’s Keep. It is a typically blood soaked afffair, the highlight of which is Owen from Torchwood having a sword rammed through his mouth (FOR HODOR!). Speaking of Hodor, Bran once again takes over Hodor’s body in a bid to keep himself from being kidnapped and end up snapping Locke in two. I have to give full respect to Kristian Nairn for his acting in this episode as we see Hodor being confused and disgusted by what he has apparently done and we can’t help but feel sorry for him being used in this way. There is a moment here similar to Arya almost being re-united with her family before the Red Wedding as Bran sees Jon and ultimately decided that he has to press on without him if he is to achieve his goals over the relative safety of being in Castle Black.

And, of course, Jon gets his wolf back. Awwwww.

Quote of the week:
The Hound
I bet his hair is greasier than Joffrey’s cunt.