And we’re back. Split screen action from the outset as we’re wandering around an East London market until it cuts quickly into a CIA field office. I’m immediately confused as to what Agent Sarah Walker is doing in London… Especially without Chuck. The show wastes no time throwing Jack straight into the middle of a fight. The years off screen don’t seem to have dulled Jack in the slightest. If anything he seems even more kick ass than I remember. 

James Heller is now President of the US, which is awesome as he’s one of my all time favourite characters in the 24 verse so It’s fantastic to see him back. Seeing Michael Wincott’s name in the credits sends a shiver down my spine since he’s one of my favourite actors and I can’t wait to see what he’s up to in this.

Everyone seems a bit on edge that Jack is there as he’s obviously never been cleared of the events at the end of the last season and has somewhat of a difficult history with the Hellers. First of the familiar phrases kicks in at 17 minutes with a ‘Set Bauer up in interrogation’.

Kate seems to think that Bauer’s up to something and got caught on purpose, but no-one else agrees. I foresee a conversation at some point in the not too distant future that uses the phrase ‘I was the only one who thought something was wrong’. She seems to have all of the requisite traits of a Bauer-Babe: Disgraced blonde officer with a history involving a traitorous ex. Need I go on?

25 minutes in we are suddenly presented with a heavily tattooed Chloe who seems to be getting tortured. She must have fallen a very long way indeed from being Director of CTU at the end of Day 8. Mind you, that job has never been known to enhance any character’s lifespan in the entire run of the show.

At this stage we only have a couple of the required parts of the 24 formula: Politicians who will inevitably end up making decisions that put Jack in jeopardy and a base to run ops from full of agents that will likely turn out to include at least one mole. We still need a bad guy.

Over 40 minutes in and we finally get Jack’s first line. A wonderfully, menacingly whispered ‘Take me to her now’. Ah. Welcome back Jack. I’ve missed you.The music swells as he and Chloe make a run for it and I wipe away stray tear from the corner of my eye. After the excitement of the escape we catch up with another one of the 24 alumni, Audrey Raines and we discover that Heller may well be experiencing the beginnings of alzheimers.

And there we are… With only a couple of minutes to go, Kate says ‘I was the only one who saw this coming.’ Damn, I’m good.

The last few minutes of the episode would seem to suggest that the plot for this series will be revolving around drone warfare.

So, initial thoughts: Not the most spectacular of season openers in fact it’s probably one of the most understated ones so far. Still it’s great to be back in the 24 verse. There are loads of old favourites in play, a few new faces and a whole cast of people behind the curtain waiting to be revealed. Welcome back 24, it’s good to see you.