Straight in with episode 2. I love that 24 does big season openers with multi episodes.

The hunt for Jack begins and there’s dissention in the CIA ranks as not everyone is happy with Kate being re-instated to help with the search. We’re reminded that, not only was she the only one who knew Jack was up to something, but also that she didn’t see whatever was wrong with her ex partner/lover/whatever he was. So she’s basically a human being.

The Girl with the Many Tattoos returns to her nerdcave and who should be there, but good ole gravelly voice himself: Michael Wincott who appears to be some kind of King of the Nerds, Adrian Croft. We find out that Jack’s plan is to find a hacker type who was formerly party of Chloe’s group and is now plotting to assassinate Heller. The troops are mobilised and set to work. Go Team Nerd!

Oh look… Catelyn Stark appears to be this season’s big baddie. At least she’s managed to finally move on from The Red Wedding, unless of course that’s why she wants to kill Heller. Maybe she found out that he ordered the hit. You know what kind of reach the US government has these days.

OMFG IT’S PRIME MINISTER FRY!!!!! The awesome quotient of this episode just got cranked up to blitzkreig. Some stuff happened that I’m really not sure about as it took a while for my squee levels to die down. Hope it isn’t too important.

Jack is in whisper mode once again as he and Chloe talk over each other’s motivations and what they’ve ben up to for the last four years. Chloe has gone all Millennium on the world and Jack seems to be trying to set his karma straight with the Hellers. It looks like Jack’s off to crack some heads on a council estate. Wonder if he’ll run into Jeremy Kyle deploying his chav net to catch guests for his show? I can’t wait to see Jack and the Hellers on ‘My daughter’s ex got her kidnapped, drugged and mind controlled.’

In what can only be an homage to The Crow, the wayward hacker, Yates, says that the victims of the friendly fire incident were ‘Already dead, they just didn’t know it’.

Jack and Chloe’s assault on the high rise is quick and brutal, with Jack proving once again how awesome he is at taking down multiple opponents. Everything gets a bit hairy and Jack is genuinely surprised to run into the CIA, even more so when he take his first flesh wound of the season from a guy so hard that he shoots people while trying to hold his artery closed. Jack plants the first seeds with Kate that he’s not as much of a bad guy as everyone thinks. One day he’ll realise that this approach works better when you don’t headbutt the person you’re talking to in the face.

Typically, the one lead they have gets away and the information that was left behind gave them a brief hint as to the larger plan before self destructing. And, in true 24 style. the one lead gets horribly murdered by surprise baddy #1.

Another solid episode as we see the pieces being moved into positions for the rest of the season, but I still feel that we’ve not yet had a big bang to set this day alight.