Obviously, since last episode, John has managed to once again give Zed the slip. This minor annoyance prompts Zed to use her psychic artistry once again in order to track down John & Chas’ batcave. A couple of Doctor Who references later and now that the gang’s all back together, it’s off to solve a mystery.

This week’s conundrum seems to revolve around the coveted single from Misplaced Abortion which, having rendered Rich temporarily deaf in season five of Skins, is now hell bent on freezing Constantine’s old pals to death and subverting innocent children. This is no odder than the actual plotline which has a recording of the voice of Lucifer wreaking havoc upon the world.

This episode finally introduces us to one of the character we’ve all been waiting for since the series started: Papa Midnite. And he was absolutely awesome. Major respect to Michael James Shaw for his interpretation of the role. I hope to see a lot more of him in forthcoming episodes.

There were some truly inspired moments in this episode, including John’s attempts to block out The Devil’s Vinyl with The Sex Pistiols. Genius. And Chas’ unique solution to the problem of turning off the power at the radio staion. We also get yet more references to Newcastle, Astra and whatever the underlying bad influence in the world is. I kind of want it to ramp up the storyline a bit now and have more than fleeting appearances for the Archangel Perrineau. There’s only so much artefact/monster/spirit of the week that I can stomach before I start to tire of the formula, notwithstanding the still excellent dialogue.

No sign of cigarettes or lighters this week.