Back in February this year, EPICA released the third part of what has become a metaphysical trilogy of the last three studio albums with the release of Ωmega. Unfortunately, in what has been a common theme these last eighteen months, they were unable to tour the album as they normally would due to some global pandemic or something.

In light of this, the band decided to put together what has become increasingly popular in these apocalyptic times in lieu of a live performance, that of an epic live streaming event. So, Ωmega Alive was born. Released to cyberspace for only three days on June 12th, 2021 with viewers from over 100 different countries, Ωmega Alive is a near two hour visual and musical feast, featuring debut live performances of tracks from Ωmega, such as The Skeleton Key and Kingdom of Heaven Part 3. The event also features other classic EPICA tunes such as Unchain Utopia, as well as some fan favourites, rarities and a few surprises.

Directed by Coen Janssen, the event features much more than live performances from the band, pyros and lighting. It also includes a ‘living backdrop’, filled with performances from dancers, circus performers, and even full choirs. Not only that, but there are cinematic vignettes interspersing the performances, giving the whole event a unique, mystical, otherworldly feel befitting of the band’s soaring symphonic metal sound.

Standout moments from the show for me included an acapella rendition of Rivers and a beautiful version of Once Upon a Nightmare from 2016s The Holographic Principle. Also, the video montage of gigs past during a celebratory rendition of Cry for the Moon, prove a poignant reminder of those days when we were still allowed to jump around in the pit, or, more like myself these days, stand slightly further back, nodding approvingly in time.

The show as a whole is a testament to the skill and creative vision of one of the most ambitious bands of recent times attempting to provide its fans with a unique experience in what have been very, very uncertain times. Combining cinematic sequences, energetic performances and breathtaking visuals, Ωmega Alive is a unique experience which will be available on BluRay, DVD and various audio formats from December 3rd 2021 and will stand as testament to what can still be achieved even under extreme circumstances and, that there are still boundaries left to push and spaces where musicians can really innovate.

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