A little over eighteen years ago, Finnish Symphonic Metal Band, Nightwish, released their fifth studio album, Once, into the world. 

I remember listening to it maybe a year after its release while exploring the genre for the first time and being utterly blown away. If I recall correctly, the first track I heard was ‘I Wish I Had an Angel’. I remember being completely hooked by the opening harmonies over the synths and strings being cut to pieces by the guitars and drums as the song kicks in.

The rest of the album is a masterful balance of symphonic arrangements, thumping beats and crunchy guitars all layered with multi-harmonic vocals.

Now remastered and reissued in various physical and digital formats, this release not only features the remastered originals, but instrumental versions of each of the tracks. This should appeal to music nerds such as myself as these versions allow you to pick up on some interesting little musical moments that sometimes get lost with the vocal tracks in place.

Plus… You know…. Nightwish Karaoke Parties.

Originally printed in https://issuu.com/chicfestivals/docs/hrhmagissuexiv