This debut album from Detroit-based Eva Under Fire comes out of the gates swinging with the high energy track Blow, featuring Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills. Riff heavy with thunderous drums, this opening track has an insanely catchy chorus that immediately draws you in and keeps the energy up until the very end. Unstoppable has a driving rhythm that will undoubtedly instigate a sea of nodding heads at a live performance and showcases the range and talent of lead vocalist, Amanda Lyberg.

It’s no secret that this particular reviewer is really not a fan of U2, but, looking past that, this cover of With or Without You is soulful and melodic and breathes new life into the tune. Another Shot Through The Heart brings staccato rhythms and playful riffs before transitioning into the steady, anthemic beats of Misery. 

The Strong hits all the right notes for a power ballad, with sumptuous harmonies, melodic riffs, string sections and a soaring chorus. Death of Me brings the tempo back up again with fiery guitar breaks and another chorus destined to have audiences singing along at live shows. Heroin(e) is a thoughtful tune, weaving between stripped back vocals and keys and thunderously heavy hooks.

Ghost is another soulful tune that mixes melodic metal riffs, beats and harmonies. The final couple of songs on the album feature collaborations with From Ashes To New and Johnathan Dörr of Ego Kill Talent. Album closer, Give me a Reason comprises piano sections, uplifting choruses and a counterpoint ending which rounds out what is an incredibly self-assured debut album. Definitely one to look out for on their inevitable UK tour.

Overall, a must listen for fans of Halestorm, In This Moment, New Year’s Day or similar.

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