This latest offering from American post-grungers, The Pretty Reckless, comprises an eclectic mix of covers, collaborations, remixes and more. With contributions from Soundgarden’s Matt Cameron, multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes and pianist Mike Garson, The Pretty Reckless offer up a unique take on both their own and other’s music.

From the opening track, the stall is set out with a laid back, electronica and synth heavy take on Got So High from their 2021 album, Death by Rock and Roll. Followed by a cover of Loud Love from Soundgarden’s second studio album, Louder Than Love. Taylor Momsen’s unique vocals are an incredible alternative to Cornell’s original in a wonderfully faithful rendition of a classic tune.

The Chris Cornell theme continues with a cover of The Keeper, written for the movie Machine Gun Preacher. In this case with the guitar part being handled by Alain Johannes, founding member of Eleven and who collaborated with Cornell himself in the late 90s. Long time Bowie band member, Mike Garson provides his immense talent in the form of a haunting piano movement to a cover of The Thin White Dukes’ Quicksand.

Acoustic reworks of songs from Death by Rock and Roll mostly fill out the remainder of the release with re-workings of 25, Only Love Can Save Me Now, Death by Rock and Roll and Hayley Darling.

Interspersed with these is a cover of Soundgarden’s Halfway There, featuring Matt Cameron on guitar and vocals and a stripped down, acoustic cover of Elvis Costello’s (What’s so Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding before rounding out the album with the original version of the opening track, Got So High.

This album is very much a love letter to the talent and influence of the late Chris Cornell as well as giving some thoughtful makeovers to their own previous work and is an absolute must for any fans of either The Pretty Reckless or Soundgarden.

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